Who is Margiora?

Who is Margiora?

Margiora Vlastari (1885-1963), a Kythnos native, was a powerful woman with an emblematic presence in local society. She was married to doctor and pharmacist Ioannis Meneidis (1887-1945) with whom she had three sons and an adopted daughter.

Margiora’s house is an impressive mansion at the entrance of Chora that was built by her grandfather Dimitrios Stathopoulos in 1866, a member of parliament during the early days of the Greek state.
Margiora’s great-grandson Fondas Dialeismas and current owner of the house, alongside his good friend Michalis Danessis decided in the summer of 2020 to bring the house back to life and to create a multi-purpose space dedicated to fine taste.

A restaurant in the evening, an ideal place for breakfast and brunch, a wine and cocktail bar, a small shop/delicatessen offering products from small Greek producers and a hidden courtyard where, among other things, various cultural events take place. These are some of “Margiora” many faces.

The people of Margiora

Fondas’ first visit to Kythnos was when he was just 22 days old. Since then, he hasn’t left the island for more than few months (and that due to the Covid lock down). He works as an architect and urban planner, an aspiring sommelier, he has taught at architectural schools and is also a PhD candidate in Athens. For him, Margiora is his way of introducing his own Kythnos to his guests, Thermia as he likes to call it and loved it all these years.

Michalis is a Kythnian in-the-making. He works as a general manager in a major trading company, he’s got his hands on even more things, organising everything and everybody, usually with some help from Microsoft Excel, which he absolutely loves. Michalis, takes multitasking on another level, having knowledge in fields he needs as well as in many others that he will probably never need; computer science, statistics, sound engineering, business administration, carnival clothing and accessories, face-painting and the list goes on and on!

Fondas Dialeismas

Michalis Danessis